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AnastasiaWeb Tours offers you the adventure of a lifetime: anastasia tours
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AnastasiaWeb has organized tours to Russia and Ukraine since 1997. During the last 10-years, more than 1500 men have attended our tours. The results speak for themselves; more than 200 tours, 1353 testimonials and many marriages!
Member Comments…

I would like to salute all the staff and management at your offices throughout the world. You are a first class operation and always looked after any problems that arose. I have also checked out many other sites over that time period and found yours to be #1 in my opinion. Our trip to Odessa only confirmed everything that I thought. The interpreters and experience was one to remember. Everything was looked after by very friendly people. It could not have been better. Great apartments for a good price that are very close to the downtown area and your restaurants for interviews. Anyone having any thoughts about difficulties here should put those to rest, it is easily one of the best cities to visit for sites regardless of the ladies.

For all those who remain unsure as to the rumors about frauds and ladies willing to do anything to leave the Ukraine and Russia it was my experience that this is on an extremely small scale. The management of most sites handle those situations very professionally and information is available to those wanting to know more. The women are incredible and they deserve credit for having such an incredible optimistic attitude to life and their situations.

So, again that you so much for all you have done.

Sincerely and respectfully, John S.


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